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Videos relating to West Ken and Gibbs Green:

8 December 2009: Residents serve S34A Notice on H&F Cabinet.

29 February 2012: H&F Council Drop in session 

Security guards block residents from speaking to council officers. The Council invited residents to attend the drop-in session in order to discuss their concerns regarding the demolition of their homes as part of the Earl’s Court redevelopment project. Due to “security concerns” regarding the number of attendees, the meeting was prematurely called to an end by the council, after H&F refused to speak to the majority of residents.

9-year-old Ana Maria from the Gibbs Green estate made it inside to present the Council with a letter she wrote asking them not to demolish her home. Because they are private tenants, her family (including her new born baby brother) would be made homeless by the demolition scheme.

12 March 2012: Delivery of residents’ response to consultation Part 1: Last minute preparation

Walking to Hammersmith Town Hall and preparing to hand over resident responses to the consultation.

12 March 2012: Delivery of residents’ response to consultation Part 2: The presentation 

West Ken and Gibbs Green residents greet Melbourne Barrett, Executive Director of Housing and Regeneration at Hammersmith & Fulham at the Hammersmith Town Hall. Seen here are Barrett, holding the WKGGCH response posing alongside Shirley Wiggins, Chair of West Ken & Gibbs Green Community Homes (holding over 650 resident responses demanding the council not demolish their homes) and WKGGCH resident Board member Rita Vlahopoulou.



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