West Kensington & Gibbs Green: tour of community and our estates

24 June 2015: West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes Board Members (left to right) Rita Vlahopoulou, Kevin Veness and Linda Sanders calling for an independant health assessment of the demolition of Earl’s Court

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24 June 2015: Residents  concerned about asbestos pollution from the demolition of Earl’s Court accompany their petition and attend a debate at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall

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24 June 2015: Protest outside Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall calling for an independent health assessment of the impact of the Earl’s Court demolitioniphone 25.6.15 348

20 June 2015: Anti austerity march is reminded of the cause to save Earl’s Court exhibition centres and the West Kensington & Gibbs Green estates. Developer Capco stands to make £3 billion from the scheme

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24 March 2015: Protest against the launch of City Villages report which uncritically promoted the Earl’s Court scheme, was riddled with errors and advocated the demolition of London’s council estates.

RIBA, eclipse, WKGGCH meeting, Terri lunch,walk, city hall demo, 190

17 March 2015: WKGGCH Members vote 100 to 1 in favour of serving Right to Transfer proposal Notice on Hammersmith & Fulham Council.


17 March 2015: WKGGCH Company Secretary, Linda Sanders addresses residents


17 March 2015: Councillor Ben Coleman addresses residents


17 March 2015: 150 people of whom 131 were residents attend largest ever meeting


17 March 2015: Ward Councillor Larry Culhane addresses reports on discussions between Council and developer


17 March 2015: WKGGCH Board Member, Linda Sanders bans options for estates’ future that would set resident against resident.


17 March 2015: Residents vote overwhelming for community transfer


17 March 2015: Residents vote for community transfer


17 March 2015: Local MP Andy Slaughter congratulates residents on their campaign


17 March 2015:Posters advertising WKGGCH General Meeting



1 February 2015: Amanda Sexton makes a dust drawing on the West Kensington Estate


Earls Court Dust Drawing_lo copy7 February 2015: Residents of West Kensington & Gibbs Green join Save Earl’s Court suppporters to protest against developer Capco and its plans to demolish the area to build luxury flats150207_078

7 February 2015: Protest outside Exhibition Centres150207_011

7 February 2015: West Kensington resident Linda Sanders explains to ITN how demolition affects the community150207_041

7 February 2015: Residents serve notice on Capco at their luxury flat sales cents in Lillie Road


7 February 2015: Residents and Earl’s Court Area Action Group stage ‘die-in’ in Empress Place


7 February 2015: Hall of shame exposes those responsible for greed and destruction


7 February 2015: Protest against the sale and demolition of the Lillie Bridge Rail depot, the maintenance facility for London’s Underground network


23 September 2014: Residents elect Board Members at the WKGGCH AGM


23 September 2014: WKGGCH AGM in the Gibbs Green Hall.


23 September 2014: WKGGCH AGM congratulates Charlie Treloggan (left) on his 90th birthday.


22 July 2014: Left to right, WKGGCH Board Members Diana Belshaw, Charlie Treloggan and Linda Sanders.


22 July 2014: WKGGCH Board considers whether to serve a Right to Transfer Proposal Notice.


1 July 2014: 120 residents attend the General Meeting of  West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes to decide whether to serve a Right to Transfer proposal notice. 79 members voted in favour: noe voted against.


1 July 2014: Board Member and Company Secretary Linda Sanders who spoke to residents about the history of the campaign to save the estates.140701_4320


1 July 2014: At the General Meeting residents agreed to serve a Right to Transfer proposal notice to investigate the transfer of the estates to a community owned housing association.140701_4298

1 July 2014: Andy Slaughter MP address residents at their General Meeting.140701_4359

1 July 2014: WKGGCH Board member Lancelot Webb votes to serve a Right to Transfer proposal notice on the Council.140701_4383

1 July 2014: Residents vote in favour of WKGGCH serving a Right to Transfer prtoposal notice on Hammersmith & Fulham Council.



1 Jluy 2014: residents applaud the unanimous vote to serve a Right to Transfer proposal notice on the Council.140701_4390

1 July 2014: After the General Meeting, residents are happy with the result.140701_4410

30 May 2014: Residents Sally Taylor, Charlie Treloggan and Harold Greatwood are interviewed by ITN about how they feel following the shock downfall of the Conservative administration.IMG_027327 May 2014:West Ken Gibbs Green Board Members meet to discuss the implications of Labour winning control of the Council.P1020210

20 May 2014: West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes Board Members attend a training session in the Gibbs Green Hall.P1020207

20 May 2014: Residents and supporters go to Downing Street with local MP Andy Slaughter to deliver letter from senior residents asking the Prime Minister to intervene to stop the demolition of their homes.
26 April 2014: West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes Board Members on a study visit to Walterton & Elgin Community Homes, a community owned resident controlled housing association in London W9. Community Organiser, Jonathan Rosenberg on the left points out the mural which conveys the historical background of the project.
26 April 2014: Keith Drew, Chair of West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes with other Board Members on the study visit to Walterton & Elgin Community Homes.
27 March 2014: Left to right: West Kensington estate tenants Charlie Treloggan, Harold Greatwood and Lancelot Webb at the opening of the marketing suite for Capco’s ‘Lillie Square’ development. The next day it launched its sales operation in Hong Kong. Prices for one bedroom flats start at £600,000. Prospective buyers queuing outside were handed Save Earl’s Court leaflets. They were surprised to hear that the whole area would be a construction site for 20 years and that 7,000 more flats would be crammed into their surroundings. Some were alarmed to discover that 200 of the 800 flats in Lillie Square would be let to council tenants displaced from the West Kensington & Gibbs Green estates.
21 January 2014: WKGGCH Board Members and Earl’s Court Area Action Group members attend Parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall on the cultural and economic case for preserving the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres.
8 October 2013: Residents attend the Annual General Meeting of West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes.
20 August 2013: Andy Slaughter MP addresses residents at Movie Night before the screening of Ladies Who Do (1963), a classic British comedy in which a little community blocks the bulldozers, defeats a greedy developer, and takes ownership of its neighbourhood.
WKGGCH movie night

24 July 2013: Andy Slaughter MP hands in letters from him and the three West Ken & Gibbs Green residents associations to an official from the Department of Communities & Local Government asking the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles MP, to call in the Earl’s Court scheme for a public inquiry.

Left to Right, Andy Slaughter MP, Keith Drew, Chair of West Ken & Gibbs Green Community Homes, Daryl Brown, Councillor for North End Ward, DCLG official.
sos just say no 2
The Big Society: DCLG official explains to Andy Slaughter MP how the fate of Earl’s Court will be decided by the central state.
sos just say no 3

25 June 2013, residents with their MP and London Assembly Members ask Boris to reject the Earl’s Court demolition scheme


Earl’s Court campaigners chase Boris back into City Hall


Residents present petition to Government 10 April

group shot 1

BBC interviews resident Stella Boyce outside Department for Communities and Local Government 10 April 2013


Resident Harold Greatwood displays the 50 foot scroll of the petition with 996 signatures to the BBC

photo 1

Residents outside CapCo’s headquarters in Mayfair 10 April 2013

group shot 2

Residents unfurl their petition outside Capco’s Headquarters in Grosvenor Street Mayfair 10 April 2013

linda banner

Andy Slaughter MP and Keith Drew, Chair of West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes, emerge from CapCo’s offices in Mayfair after Director Gary Yardley refused to come down.

andy keith

Residents visit DP9, Capco’s planning consultants, in Pall Mall 10 April 2013

group shot 3

Andy Slaughter MP (left) texts Chris Rumfitt of Edelman, whose PR company Edelman had locked residents and workers out of the building, to come on down and receive residents’ letter and petition

group shot 4

30 October 2012 AGM – Photos courtesy of Hilary Barnes

23 July 2012 Banner making session

Residents put on the boxing gloves at their Summer Festival 2011.

26 June 2012: Residents in Dieppe Close, Gibbs Green estate (back, centre-right, Solicitor Michael Webster)

West Kensington resident, Rita Vlahopoulou, ready to share residents’ views with shareholders at CapCo’s AGM on 20 April 2012

Aisgill Avenue, part of the West Kensington estate.

Gibbs Green and Dieppe Close (houses)

Dieppe Close – ‘lifetime homes’ with gardens and off-street parking, just 10 years old.

Gibbs Green estate

Garsdale Terrace – more ‘lifetime homes’ with gardens and parking just 10 years old.

Aisgill Avenue

West Kensington estate with Empress State building in the background.

West Kensington estates with Earl’s Court Exhibition Centres in the background:

Faiburn and Churchward Houses on the West Kensington Estate

The construction of Gibbs Green 1959-1961

Gibbs Green today

The Empress State Building dominates the southern end of the West Kensington Estate (Aisgill Avenue seen here). It is occupied entirely by the Metropolitan Police. It was completed in 1961. A few years ago it was refurbished with the addition of a couple more storeys.

Cottages in Marchbank Road

Ground behind Sharnbrook House.

West Kensington Estate

Lerry Close, West Kensington estate: Lifetime homes recently built.

Gibbs Green

Franklin Square, West Kensington Estate.

Gibbs Green

The Empress State building occupies the site where epic sea battles were re-enacted in an enormous water tank before the days of visual and audio media.

Earl’s Court 2 behind the West Kensington Estate.

WKGGCH resident Board member Rita Vlahopoulou greets Boris Johnson in October 2011, outside Olympia. For more on this story check out our December 2011 newsletter here.

City Hall

29 September 2009: Labour Party Conference in Brighton. Left to right: Simon Harris, ITN News, Richard Osband, Secretary of West Kensington TRA and Charlie Treloggan, Vice Chair of West Kensington TRA

June 2011: Residents queue to join the Summer Festival.

Somali residents brewing coffee at the WKGG Community Summer Festival

June 2011: Left to right; Charlie Treloggan (West Kensington Estate), Diana Belshaw (Gibbs Geen Estate) and Andy Slaughter MP prepare to cut the cake at the Community Summer Festival.

June 2011: That cake at the Summer Festival. “Hell No. We won’t Go!”

June 2011: Residents rock to the community vibe.

2011: Summer Festival. In the background is our exhibition of the history of our estates. Perhaps this should be displayed in the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. (Who wants to help sharpen up our display?!)

29 February 2012: Council guards stop residents attending drop-in session

February 2012: West Kensington estate. Everyone’s serving notices!

West Ken & Gibbs Green Community Summer festival 2011

Banner making July 23 2012

Channel 4’s George Clark taking a tour of the estates with Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter

Some drawings from our residents:

Here’s one from a 6 year old girl – council tenant:

Here’s a picture from an 8 year old girl:

Here are 3 cartoons drawn by a 15 year old boy.



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