It’s movie time! The Fight for the People’s Estates

In this eleventh year of our campaign, we are pleased to present a film telling the story about the fight for the people’s estates.

You can watch it here: The Fight for The People’s Estates

We held a test screening on 12 March 2019 at a special Film Night in the Gibbs Green Hall, which was attended by residents, neighbours, elected politicians, and professionals from the worlds of housing and academia.

From Campaign to Ownership set our fight in the context of struggles by communities in Glasgow in the 1970s and London in the 1980s to save their neighbourhoods from demolition.

They established community owned housing associations, which took ownership of their land and buildings. They refurbished and modernised their homes, meeting the needs of their communities, while also providing high quality low rented homes for those in need.

You can find a link to the programme for the night at the end of this web post, after the photos.


From Campaign to Ownership: Film Night Programme

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