Will Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan put their money where their mouth is on estate regeneration?



To hear why such a commitment is so important, click to watch the video below and hear the story of David Isaac and his family, who could face moving out of the area or even London if demolition of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates is allowed to proceed.

So far, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Respect have all promised to review or to block demolition of West Kensington and Gibbs Green under the Earls Court Masterplan.

What is more, Lord Heseltine, who has been appointed by David Cameron to chair a panel looking into the regeneration of council estates has said that estates regeneration “has to be locally led”. He has said that he wants to “see local communities coming forward with innovative ideas to achieve desirable neighbourhoods that local people can be proud of”; an aspiration which is embodied by our People’s Plan for an alternative to demolition and not by the unwanted Earls Court Masterplan.

Zac Goldsmith said recently that he won’t support estate regeneration without “majority support in the communities” (read more here). The majority of us on West Kensington and Gibbs Green have consistently opposed demolition: most recently 57% of households signed a petition supporting the Right to Transfer as an alternative to demolition.

Sadiq Khan has announced that if he is elected Mayor, 50% of new homes built on public land should be genuinely affordable (read more here). The Earls Court scheme promises just 11% new ‘affordable’ units, which would be provided at 80% of market prices. And this was based on a viability assessment that was demonstrably designed to minimise the developer’s contribution to affordable housing.

Given all this, we cannot imagine why both candidates shouldn’t support a review of the Earls Court Masterplan.

Over the next few months we will be publishing more stories like David’s, from his neighbours and friends in West Kensington and Gibbs Green. David’s story is just one of many.  We want the candidates to see first hand how the needless destruction of the estates would affect people and why it is crucial to the future of London that they agree to review the Earl’s Court scheme.

Do you think the Labour and Conservative frontrunners should get with the times and agree to review the demolition of our homes?

Here are a few quick things you can do to get behind the campaign:

  1. Sign our petition on Change.org calling for the next Mayor of London to review the Earls Court Masterplan and the proposed demolition of West Kensington and Gibbs Green
  2. Like our Facebook page West Ken & Gibbs Green – The People’s Estates and share David’s story with your friends
  3. Follow us on Twitter @WestKenGibbsGr and tweet the candidates to tell them to #ReviewEarlsCourt
  4. Contact our Housing Organiser Zoe at zoe.wkggch@gmail.com to be added to our supporters mailing list and hear about events and opportunities to volunteer

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