Residents launch People’s Plan to draw up our own regeneration plans


On 12 November, 40 residents came together in the Gibbs Green Hall to begin briefing architects from Architects for Social Housing (ASH) on proposals to prepare our own plan for regeneration as an alternative to demolition. This was the first meeting in a programme of events to draw up a People’s Plan to enhance and improve our homes and neighbourhood, creating a more detailed picture of what our estates could look like under resident control.


Residents were grouped onto tables for the different areas of the estates. Using plans, pins and labels, they identified what works well and what they would like to change about their homes and surroundings. The session was a great start to the programme of events with residents participating enthusiastically. The architects are now collating all the information that was gathered.

The People’s Plan is a study to draw up and cost outline plans for improvements to the buildings and environment and for additional homes. This plan will be used to promote our own scheme for regeneration that is inspired by our knowledge of and aspiration for where we live. As part of the Right to Transfer process, we need to demonstrate to the Government that we have our own vision, that this vision is realistic, and that it contributes to greater housing supply.

The People’s Plan will be a powerful statement about how we see the future of our neighbourhood. If the Government allows our community transfer proposal to proceed, it will form an important part of the feasibility and development stages of the Right to Transfer process.

Residents are invited to participate in further events to help design our future:

Tuesday 24th November: Design workshop for improvements to existing buildings and the environment 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Gibbs Green Hall, W14 9NB

Tuesday 1st December: Design workshop for building additional homes on the estates 6.30pm – 8.30pm at West Kensington Community Hall on Lillie Road,

Tuesday 15th December: Mince pies, mulled wine and progress update 7pm – 9pm at Gibbs Green Tenants Hall

Residents are also invited to get involved online:

What do you like and dislike about where you live?

Where on the estates do you feel happiest?

Where can you see an opportunity to brighten up the place?

What to you is an example of good design?

What is the view from your window?

Share your photos, drawings and ideas on the Facebook group: ‘West Kensington and Gibbs Green: The People’s Estates’. And comment on proposals posted there by the architects from ASH. Follow us on Twitter @WestKenGibbsGr


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