We shall never surrender!

Residents assemble outside Hammersmith Town Hall before the Cabinet meeting


Over 150 West Kensington & Gibbs Green residents attended the Council meeting on 3 September to say no to demolition. We addressed the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet – see below for the full text of our deputation addresses. When two of our children stood up to speak, the Majority Councillors stopped them; when our MP tried to speak, they called the guards, closed the meeting and ran away.

We warned them their scheme is wrong, their process is tainted, and they won’t get away with it. We told them we shall see them in Court, we shall lobby the Government, and we shall never surrender!

Councillor Stephen Cowan, surrounded by other Opposition Councillors, speaks up for residents

Our elected MP, Andy Slaughter, attempts to address the Council on behalf of residents

Security Guard pounces on the MP as the Council Leader declares he is not allowed to speak and the Cabinet Members walk out of the room

With the Council Leader and his fellow Majority Councillors out of the room, the Council’s Consultants, who signed off the deal and also work for Capco, are left sitting pretty

Residents were very angry that the Council voted to go ahead, but very happy that we proved the strength of our determination to win


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